Puppy Skills

At The Learned Dog, we think that puppies are truly awesome. They are bundles of love and fun.

They are also like little sponges and between the ages of 3 to 12-16 weeks, are most accepting of new experiences. Poor socialization is a leading cause of behavioural problems, euthanasia and surrender to a shelter for behavioural problems and therefore, we feel it is our duty to help puppies develop into well socialized adults. Let’s give puppies plenty of tools to share their lives with us!

Of course, puppies also have to learn about housetraining and that your sofa or shoe is not the next best chewing toy! Even though peeing, chewing and barking are normal behaviors for your dog, we can help you help your puppy get a grasp of what’s allowed and when it is acceptable.

Other behaviours are also important for puppies to learn like how to control their bite pressure (ABI), some impulse control (like “leave it” or walking properly on leash), learning about being handled (to prepare for veterinary exam) and about sharing their stuff, etc. We are definitively here to help you out with those too!!