De Main De Maitre

Simonne allowed us to gain experience in the field…

She’s also a great trainer, always in pursuit of education, and a fierce businesswoman.
De Main De Maitre is an emerging company whom offers a multitude of services such as in-house private consultations as well as various workshops and group classes throughout the Province of Quebec, more specifically the Montreal greater metropolitan area. All services are science-based and strive on ethic and the respect of all clients and their companions.

We are really proud to be part of their team.


Marilou Photographe

Marilou is the creator of all the pictures for our website…

She’s also a paralegal, a talented animal photographer, and a devoted pit bull mom.
Marilou Photographe offers private photo shoots, in or out of studio, celebrating the bond between humans and animals. She also devotes most of her time to different animal rescues, helping to create fund raising items or helping to promote pets looking for their forever homes.

We greatly appreciate the time she gave us.



Véronique is responsible for the translation of the entire content of our site into French…

She’s also an animal lover, a wonderful woman and an active volunteer in animal welfare.
Vling is a company offering professional translation services from English to French. They live and breathe it, and dream about it at the end of a tough day (yes, as they say, they are hardcore translators). They also offer French proofreading services to insure language quality.

Because most of our resources are in English, we are thrilled to have her help us out.

Rescue Pit

John basically built our entire website…

He’s also a fellow Academician, an educated dog trainer, and a pit bull rescuer.
With his partner Stephen, he founded Rescue Pit, a not for profit pit bull rescue committed to saving lives by creating a network of pit bull advocates who foster homeless dogs, educate the public, and increase general awareness. John is also co-founder of Dog Educated, a brand new science-based, positive reinforcement, dog training company located in Rochester, NY, which he founded with Lisa, also an amazing and educated dog trainer.

We are truly lucky to have met such incredible human beings.