About Us

Philosophy and Methods

Unfortunately, as we stand, the profession of pet training is not regulated or governed by any association whatsoever. Anyone can claim to be a dog trainer, often without any qualification, knowledge or even basic understanding of what a dog is. The repercussions can sometimes be disastrous, both for the dog and his human companion. Owners have to be made aware of this and should not take for granted that the trainer whose services they retain knows what he is doing. One should not be afraid to ask questions and the trainer should always be transparent in explaining how he will motivate your dog. If not, it would be like not knowing that you are about to have a tooth extracted by a mechanic.

At The Learned Dog, our methods are based on what science has already amply demonstrated: that it is useless (and even counter-productive) to scare, hurt or intimidate a dog in order to teach him the rules of the house or to help him overcome his fears. Our trainings, based on positive reinforcement, open the path to a beautiful relationship with your companion. Our ultimate goal is that your dog be at all time comfortable and happy to learn.

Our promise to you is that we will never, ever, use pain, fear or anything aversive to motivate your dog. Our passion resides with the fearful, anxious and phobic dogs and no matter what behavior we are trying to train or change, it will be done with your dog feeling safe. Beware, we are totally sold on food and play as a reward for learning.


“My approach is primarily ‘human’. My goal: to help dog owners establish a positive relationship with their dogs based on their own needs and reality. While respecting the rules of ethics and well- being of your dog, I hope to help you achieve the desired behavior, in order to foster harmonious coexistence.”

A true animal lover, Claudine grew up with dogs, birds, rodents, lizards and others. Later on in her life, for more than 6 years and through her volunteering with the Montreal SPCA, she has dedicated herself to animal welfare, trying by all means to help dogs and other animals in distress.

Her passion brought her directly to the The Academy for Dog Trainers wherein, with the teaching and mentoring of the renowned Jean Donaldson, she graduated with honours and obtained her Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC). Claudine aspires to keep her education up to date by regularly attending seminars and courses, all based on positive reinforcement and what science has best to offer.

Claudine lives in Montreal, Quebec and shares her life with her partner Herbert and their two survivors, Lola and Alfred.