Puppy Skills

At The Learned Dog, we think that puppies are truly awesome. They are bundles of love and fun.

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Fear and Phobia

If your dog is petrified at the thought of coming out from under the bed or if he disappears every time you have guests over or at new sights or new sounds, we are here to help.

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CONSUMER PROTECTION: What You Should Know About Dog Training

There is no circumstance that would ever make hitting a dog appropriate in training or behaviour modification.

Dog training is UNREGULATED. There are no standards of care or minimum education requirements. ASK any prospective trainer:

"What exactly will happen to my dog when he gets it right? What exactly will happen to him when he gets it wrong? Are there any less invasive alternatives to what you propose?"

If you don't get CLEAR, CONCRETE ANSWERS, keep shopping.

~Jean Donaldson, The Academy for Dog Trainers